How to Shave with a Beard Trimmer

You might find a beard trimmer to be an intimidating gadget. But honestly, once you get to know its mechanisms of use, you will find it to be a great time saver and precision tool. Bestbodyhairtrimmer: body groomer review will have everything you need to buy beard trimmer.

Before you purchase your beard trimmer, make sure that it comes with guards. Guards will help to trimmer shorter beards to a certain length all over the beard.

Now take the beard trimmer and shave the face of stubble around where you want the beard to be. Then use the edge of the trimmer to outline the shape of the beard.

Finally, put a guard on the beard trimmer. The one is the shortest, and an 8 cuts to about a finger width of hair. The choice of guard is all dependent really on what look you want to achieve. A hipster beard will probably be longer, so choose a higher numbered guard. A more modern professional looking beard will be trimmed nicely all around with probably a two or a three numbered guard.

After this is done, you might want to reflect on your beard goals. If you want something you can actually tie up in little elastics, then pretty soon you will just be using the trimmer with a guard for the mustache. But, the trimmer can still be useful because you will always need to outline the beard and trim hair above the lip.

When you are done with your tools, a good idea is to clean them. You can usually use a trimmer brush to get off all the small cuts of hair. Then because your tool is mechanical, you might want to forgo washing the blade. Instead, douse the blade in a special blade cleaning solution that sits of the surface for ten minutes to disinfect.

Always remember to go back to your blade to dry it in order to prevent rusting. Also, you should oil your blades regularly with special clipper oil to maintain the mechanisms.

This is a comprehensive how to shave with a beard trimmer guide. As you can see, it is an invaluable tool to make your life easier.