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  • How to Shave with a Beard Trimmer

    You might find a beard trimmer to be an intimidating gadget. But honestly, once you get to know its mechanisms of use, you will find it to be a great time saver and precision tool. Bestbodyhairtrimmer: body groomer review will have everything you need to buy beard trimmer.

    Before you purchase your beard trimmer, make sure that it comes with guards. Guards will help to trimmer shorter beards to a certain length all over the beard.

    Now take the beard trimmer and shave the face of stubble around where you want the beard to be. Then use the edge of the trimmer to outline the shape of the beard.

    Finally, put a guard on the beard trimmer. The one is the shortest, and an 8 cuts to about a finger width of hair. The choice of guard is all dependent really on what look you want to achieve. A hipster beard will probably be longer, so choose a higher numbered guard. A more modern professional looking beard will be trimmed nicely all around with probably a two or a three numbered guard.

    After this is done, you might want to reflect on your beard goals. If you want something you can actually tie up in little elastics, then pretty soon you will just be using the trimmer with a guard for the mustache. But, the trimmer can still be useful because you will always need to outline the beard and trim hair above the lip.

    When you are done with your tools, a good idea is to clean them. You can usually use a trimmer brush to get off all the small cuts of hair. Then because your tool is mechanical, you might want to forgo washing the blade. Instead, douse the blade in a special blade cleaning solution that sits of the surface for ten minutes to disinfect.

    Always remember to go back to your blade to dry it in order to prevent rusting. Also, you should oil your blades regularly with special clipper oil to maintain the mechanisms.

    This is a comprehensive how to shave with a beard trimmer guide. As you can see, it is an invaluable tool to make your life easier.

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  • What Not to Eat When You Have High Blood Pressure

    High blood pressure is a serious problem among adults, particularly in Western countries. For instance, in the United States, one in every three adults have high blood pressure. A major concern is that this figure is growing constantly and by 2030 it is projected that two in five adults in the United States will have high blood pressure. Read bpMonitorAdvisors reviews for useful info.

    There is some good news however, as it is possible to naturally reduce your blood pressure by changing your diet and avoiding certain foods. Below is a list of five foods to avoid if you want to reduce your blood pressure or avoid having high blood pressure in the first place.

    1. Frozen Pizza

    A favorite dinner because it is cheap and easy to cook, frozen pizza is a hive of salt. A combination of crust, cheese, tomato sauce, and meats add up to shocking levels of sodium intake. Add to this the addition of salt to preserve the flavor and you could be taking in over 1,000 milligrams of sodium per pizza.

    1. Red Meat

    Another favorite, red meat is dripping in saturated and/or trans-fats. This type of fatty food is extremely unhealthy for your blood vessels and heart with an 18 oz. ribeye steak featuring over 1,000 calories, and 1,500 mg of sodium, and that’s without any sauce!

    1. Sauerkraut

    A surprising entry on the list is a favorite in the German diet. Sauerkraut can feature over 460 mg of sodium in a single serving! This kind of intake is sure to increase blood pressure and is extremely bad for your heart.

    1. Instant Noodles

    Another food which is a favorite due to its cheap price tag and simple preparation, instant noodles contain an incredible 1,580 mg of sodium. This is a massive intake for a small serving and is better avoided if you are concerned about your heart and health.

    1. Alcohol

    Everyone loves a drink, however, alcohol can do more than impair your judgement. Consumption of alcohol causes blood pressure to rise and also damages the walls of blood vessels. Simply put, if you have high blood pressure it is highly recommended to avoid alcohol consumption.

    Avoiding the above is the first step you can take in reducing your blood pressure. Combine a healthier diet with exercise and a reduced stress lifestyle and you will be on your way to lowering your blood pressure in no time.

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  • What Is a Molar Pregnancy

    A molar pregnancy occurs when the placenta and foetus do not develop. This means that the pregnancy is unsuccessful and the foetus will not develop into a baby. The placenta is made up of millions of cells called trophoblastic cells and it is these cells which behave abnormally in a molar pregnancy. These abnormal cells create masses which begin to form in the womb instead of developing into a baby. These are called ‘moles’ which is Latin for lump or mass. They usually occur when an egg with no genetic information is fertilised by a sperm. They are very rare, with only between 1 and 3 pregnancies in every 1000 being molar. Get into pregnancypillowadvisors website to have better ideas.

    When a woman is experiencing a molar pregnancy she may not have any idea that anything is wrong. The symptoms of pregnancy that she will be experiencing would be the same as if she had a normal pregnancy. The first indication that anything is wrong will usually be at the first ultrasound scan when the sonographer will be able to see immediately that there is no baby growing in the womb. This can be a distressing time for the parents who may have had no other indication that there was a problem with the baby.

    The mole will usually need to be removed by a surgical extraction that will be performed by a gynaecologist. If a woman is sure that they don’t want any other children, then she could be given a hysterectomy and the mole will be removed with the womb. If the mole is removed surgically then some cells will remain in the womb. For most women these cells will simply die off over the time and they may have to undergo regular blood and urine tests to make sure that this is the case.

    Some women may find that these cells do not die out and this is known as persistent trophoblastic disease. The tests that they submit will pick this up quite quickly and it can usually be successfully treated with chemotherapy.